Destiny 1.4m carbon Glider

Destiny 1.4m carbon Glider

Valenta Thermik XL 4m D-Box

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 Carbon D-Box,

Model number 395/20 Glider version colour code 95RW

The Thermik XL-E is an all moulded competition class plane, designed for F5B/F5J/eSoaring, or just a great model on the slope. This plane has a good presence in the air and with the Carbon D-Box  construction has a remarkably stiff wing, with outstanding handling characteristics. At 4 meter wing span the Thermik XL is a good windy weather competition machine.

With the MH32 airfoil, and generous control surfaces, it moves fast, but still retains the excellent low speed manners.

The Thermik XL construction quality is amazing, with lots of innovative and well thought-out details that really set it above most of the other products. The full flying cross tail comes complete right out of the box. The rudder is hung and gap sealed, the full flying horizontal stabs are simple to set up or take apart in the field with custom machined aluminium hardware, and the nose canopy allows generous access to your radio gear.

The three piece wing is a Carbon D-Box construction, with full span main and trailing edge spars, and the exterior finish is a gorgeous high gloss paint, in a variety of schemes. The flap servos are uniquely mounted on the flap cover, which is then securely screwed into the wing. Very stable, slop-free connections are easy to accomplish with this setup, and control horn adjustments are a breeze with full access to the servo horn.

The fuselage is of Kevlar construction with 2.4Mhz freindly nose and carbon reinforcements in the boom and tail.

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Technical details THERMIK XL
Manufacturer VALENTA MODEL
Wing span 4000mm
Elevator span 660mm
Length 1700mm
Wing section SD 7037 Mod/MH 32
Elevator Profile 9%#37;
Wing Area 81.7dm²
Elevator Area 9.2 dm²
Flying weight Electric 3000 to 3500g
Wing loading Glider 36.71 to 46.51g/dm²
Number of Control Functions 5 - 6
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