About Us

eSoaring Gadgets was formed by Bernie Jones to continue the successful promotion that Martin Bell has been doing for RC Electronics and Electric assisted Gliding throughout Europe. Martin asked Bernie if he would like to take over the Dealership for RC Electronics and continue to promote their products here in the UK, and from a small beginning we have a very successful Web site store.

Bernie at eSoaring Gadgets UK has been involved with Jeti Model since the first modules were Manufactured in 2008 through his involvement with Puffin Models and took over the Distribution for the UK from Puffin Models in 2012 and now in 2016 have been asked by Jeti models to also become Jeti UK as Jeti Model distributor for the UK. Keep an eye out for the new Jeti web site at JetiUK


Bernie has assisted in the running of the Southern eSoaring glider and F5J Glider competitions, helping Martin to promote electric soaring during the last few years, as well as working in conjunction with RC Electronics to produce one of the best multi purpose AMRT devices available, which has made Electric Soaring a level playing field for Glider enthusiasts. Making both the BMFA eSoaring and the FAI F5J electric gliding competitions and many other Electric Soaring competitions, possibly become one of the fastest growing sections of our hobby.

Bernie has been Modelling since the age of eight, first flying control line models in his parents back garden, one that can be remembered was a Keil Craft Ranger, Then on to Free flight models such as Inch Worm and Chief, eventually trying to fly single channel with an ABC Mini Sonic and an Impala Glider at Mill Hill near Shoreham. On to flying many other types of models from gliders, both sport and scale to IC power aircraft of all types and sizes including Helicopters. First using Springbrook proportional multi channel radio, then having been persuaded by Harry Brooks to try a Multiplex 35 MHz set, a brand that he used up till 2012 When he was introduced to the Jeti DC-16 Radio which he now uses and supplies, we have found it to be one of the most reliable and easy to program systems ever. Bernie's main interest is now Model Gliders both sport and Scale, he can be found wandering all over the UK and Europe, either running or entering competitions.

Our aim with eSoaring Gadgets is to only sell modelling items that we are happy to use ourselves, and to try and hold a stock of items for immediate delivery. We continue to emphasise the importance of quality to the manufacturers that we work with, and assist in future development. Our ultimate aim is to provide the best possible prices and service for our specialist product ranges. We try and use all the items that we sell, and use our experience to only supply you items that fit in with your application.