Valenta Thermik XL 4m D-Box

Valenta Thermik XL 4m D-Box

Valenta Thermik XXXL CARBON

Valenta Thermik XXXL CARBON

Destiny 1.4m carbon Glider

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Val destiny
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Destiny 1.4 Glass/Kevlar build Colour 149BY  Blue - Yellow

Destiny 1.4 Glass/Kevlar Build Colour  152WRB White - Red - Blue

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Destiny, 1.4 meters of mad fun, this is a slope model for all conditions, with ailerons and V-tail control ideal for the slope, with a one piece wing with a large carbon spare this little model is great for close in aerobatics on the slope and will fly in most conditions 

Wing span - 1380mm

Fuselage length - 800mm

Aerofoil - RG15

Flying weight - 600 grams

Control Functions 3

Ailerons, V-tail (Rudder/Elevator) 

COG - start it at 54-57mm


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