Valenta L213 A 1:5

Valenta L213 A 1:5

Valenta Salto H 101 Carbon Wing/Elevator

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Salto 4.5 Full Carbon Build with Carbon Elevator colour code 47GR02 all Yellow with red under wings and tailplanes

The first glider SALTO H 101 was made by company START UND FLUG in Saulgau. The glider belongs to the class of acrobatic gliders and it first flew in 1970. Valenta Models have made this semi scale version of SALTO H 101 glider in a near 1:4 scale, giving you 4.42 meters of beautiful scale model. The model is suitable for slope flying and also it is possible to use it for aerotow at the airport. The model is sturdy enough for complete acrobatic flying, it has wide range of speeds and excellent gliding properties.

The model is finished apart from the installation of the radio gear and the addition of a head shoulders and pilot, as it looks lost without one. The control surfaces are V-Tail with Flaps and Alierons in the wings plus Air brakes and the model can be fitted with a tow release for aerotowing.



Technical details SALTO H 101
Manufacturer VALENTA MODEL
Wing span 4.500mm
Elevator span 685mm
Length 1740mm
Wing section HQW 2.5/12
Elevator Profile NACA 009
Wing Area 72 dm²
Elevator Area 9.6 dm²
Flying weight Glider 5500g
Wing loading Glider 76 g/dm²
Number of Control Functions 5 - 6
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