Valenta Salto H 101 Carbon Wing/Elevator

Valenta Salto H 101 Carbon Wing/Elevator

Valenta ASW20 4m

Valenta ASW20 4m

Valenta L213 A 1:5

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If you fancy one and want to choose a colour scheme check out the colours HERE and let me know what you would like

The L 213 A is a 1 : 5 Semi scale model of the actual full size glider made in 1991 by the Czech firm INTECO, a manufacturer specializing in high performance gliders. This agile model is completely laminated and is very suitable for slope soaring, winching, or using a tug.

At special request we have the front of the fuselage strenghtned for landing, as this is a surperb slope soarer and most landings seem to be in the rough :-)

All our L213A's come with the flaps, dive brakes, strengthened  fuselage and the canopy is fully fitted

If you want a different colour this can be ordered in for you.

I was asked to sort a set of linkages for the wings this is what i came up with

1 x pair 30mm rods

1 x pair 45mm rods

4 x pairs M2 Clevis's

1 x pair Alieron Horns 

1 x pair Flap Horns

2 x pairs Mush head nuts

all available HERE



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