Valenta SB9 4.5 m

Valenta SB9 4.5 m

Valenta SB9 4.5m Split wing

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VM SB9 split
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Glider version of the SB9, 4.5 meters supplied with cut wing tips for transport

Competition glider SB 9 (SB=Segelflugzeug Braunschweig) is a glider of line SB with wing span 22 m, developed by group of students and teachers of aviation faculty at Technical university in Braunschweig. The glider took off for the first time on January 23, 1969. Our company produced a model of glider SB 9, all-laminated, scale 1:5. The model is designed for slope and thermic flying

Model number 775/19 Carbon D-box version White and Blue with removalb;e wing tips for ease of transport


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