Jeti MRPM HALL sensor

Jeti MRPM HALL sensor

Jeti MVario2 EX REV2

Jeti MVario2 EX REV2

Jeti MULi 6S Module

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The MULi6s Module is a sensor designed to monitor the Li-XX battery voltage, which measures the voltage of each battery cell via the balance connector. It allows you to monitor the voltage of up to 6 Li-XX cells per module. The individual MULi6s modules can be serialized and can be connected to up to 5 modules.

The MULi6s Module sensor monitors the voltage of each battery cell with its history (minimum, maximum), the total battery voltage, the voltage difference between the strongest and the weakest cells, and the sensor can alert the operator to exceed the set parameters by means of alarms. Sensor information is transmitted by the Duplex system to the operator.

The Duplex system uses a 2.4GHz bandwidth to communicate, not only to the model, but also to the transmitter. The telemetry data acquired during operation is transmitted in real time and the current state of the measured quantities can be displayed on the JETIBOX LCD or DC / DS transmitters

Manual Download

MULi6M Device Configuration file for DC/DS Transmitters (copy to device folder)

Technical Data


Weight [g]


Dimensions [mm]

33 x 18 x 5

Operational temperature [°C]

-10 ... 85

Supply Voltage [V]

4 ... 8,4

Average Current [mA]




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