Jeti Mezon 135 OPTO Lite

Jeti Mezon 135 OPTO Lite

Jeti Mezon 160 Lite

Jeti Mezon 160 Lite

Jeti Mezon 120 Lite

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Jeti MEZON ESC´s advanced design and software are capable of unique precise and efficient motor control. Our MEZON ESC´s are able to be fully integrated with the DUPLEX EX systems. With the DUPLEX integration, all data are measured in real time. Mezon ESC´s were designed to be able to measure the exact battery capacity used and let you set up a motor cut off point based not only on cell voltage, but also on overall battery pack capacity.

Weight [g]


Dimensions [mm]

37 x 18 x 90

Sustained current [A]




Operational temperature [°C]

-10 ... 130

Supply Voltage [V]

6 ... 35

Batteries LiXX

2 ... 8

Max. Current BEC [A]


Voltage BEC [V]

5 ... 8

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