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DSM 10 is an electronic switch for switching of two receiver batteries which are connected to one receiver. The product also includes a receiver current supply switch. Batteries that are connected to the inputs of the DSM 10 are permanently measured and connected with the aid of a hysteresis comparator either both to the output, or one of both batteries with the higher voltage only. The DSM 10 exit consists of a MPX connector which can be used for direct connection of the exit to the receiver. The MPX connector is a fixed part of Duplex receivers with the label EPC (External Power Connector), receivers R14 and R18.

The DSM 10 is not equipped with a voltage stabilising circuit for the connected batteries. The voltage at the DSM 10 output will always be equal to the voltage of the connected battery with the higher voltage. Make sure that receiver, servos and other equipment supplied by the DSM 10 are designed for the given voltage.

The DSM 10 is controlled by a magnetic switch which can be placed outside of the model airplane fuselage. By touching with a special magnet, the system becomes switched on or off. The electronic switch in switched on state is characterised by a minimum transitional resistance.

The contents include a Magmnetic switch plate which can be mounted either inside or outside the fuselage, and the Magnet to operate the switch.


Weight [g] 24
Dimensions [mm] 38 x 20 x 7
Sustained current [A] 10
Operational temperature [°C] -20 ... 85
Recommended input voltage [V] 5 ... 8,4
Idle current [µA] 130
Number of battery inputs 2
Input voltage max. [V] 13
Peak current (max 5s) [A] 20

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