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GliderCG Plus V3

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GliderCG V3 is the latest development, new WiFi interface and foldable arms.

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GliderCG V3 is the latest development, New WiFi interface and foldable arms. Based in the GliderCG V2 platform and with our constant desire for improvement, we have worked on all aspects of the device, both hardware and software, to offer an improved device in a compact form factor for easy transport and storage when not in use.  This model is designed for F5J, F3B, and F3F models.

In this model you can find:

  • Folding arms with solid locking mechanism.
  • WiFi + Oled Display. We can visualize the data through its built-in OLED screen  or browse it through the WiFi connection for those situations in which due to our position we cannot easily access the screen reading. The WiFi connection also gives us the option to save the CG configuration of our different models and check for example the changes that result from a modification or repair.
  • Battery Level indicator (WiFi Interface).
  • Sliding lid access to the battery compartment.
  • Greater stabiliity
  • includes narrow cord adapter for smaller models
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 - Maximum weight: 8kg

 - Maximum fuselage width: 86mm

 - Maximum fuselage height (from bottom fuselage to wing bottom): 87mm

 - Leading edge to rear support pad distance: 150mm 

 - Power: 9V DC (6LR61)