GliderCG Scale Mini

GliderCG Scale Mini

GliderCG Scale Landing gear version

GliderCG Scale Landing gear version

GliderCG Scale

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GliderCG Scale is the biggest CoG balancer of the GliderCG range suitable for models from 200g to 40Kg. New foldable design.

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GliderCG Scale is our bigger CoG balancer for models from 200g to 40Kg.

Glider scale wants to reach a range of models that the physics of GliderCG cannot reach. We want to measure weights up to 40 kg and wingspans near 8 meters.

We have made sure the stability of the model is guaranteed by making a much wider and longer baseframe, but we also wanted this Glider Scale be able to measure much smaller models down to 500 gr. and less.

This smaller model will have shorter chords than their bigger sisters. And this is why we have decided to install sliding rear supports, to support firmly any chord  of aeroplane and not impairing  the aeroplane control surfaces.

All above is well resolved by installing each of the four  weight sensor in each leg of the base. This configuration is robust and accurate.

By using four load cells we eliminate the torsional stress in the sensing planes of the cells and avoid bouncing of the aeroplane while sitting during measurements.

An additional bonus for using four load cells is that we can also calculate the centre of gravity of the model in the lateral axis giving this extra information for accurate centring the aeroplane.

The geometry of the measuring device is constant and need no extra setting than the tare of the cells, which is automatically performed upon power on.

With a solid and sturdy yet lightweight aluminum structure, the GliderCG Scale is built to fit almost any model.

With a fixed width of 310mm, GliderCG Scale allows you to move the rear support points to fit virtually any wing size from small models, F5J, F3F etc to large models like GPS or big scale birds.

Like our proven GliderThrow system, the data can be viewed through any web browser on a smartphone, Android or iOS, PC or MAC.

In addition to checking the weight and CoG, you can check the weight of each side of your model and store the current configuration of your CoG for several models for future checks.


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  • Device dimensions Height x Width x Depth: 400x370x410mm.
  • Weight: About 2 Kg
  • Maximum weight: 40kg
  • Maximum fuselage width: 310mm
  • Maximum fuselage height (from bottom fuselage to wing bottom): 350mm
  • Leading edge to rear support pad distance: 350mm 
  • Power: 800mAh Rechargable Lithium Battery (About 2 hours of continous operation)
  • Charging : Micro USB Cable 
  • Charging Time: About 1 Hour