Glider throw Incidence Tool V-Tail

Glider throw Incidence Tool V-Tail

Glider throw Incidence Tool

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Incidence tool for using Glider Throw in measuring the incidence

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Measuring the incidence (angle between the wing and horizontal stabilizer centerlines) is easy with the Wing Incidence Tool.

  • Use the GliderThrow V3 sensors 1 & 2 for measuring the incidence
  • 2 pieces per set
  • 1 piece 43mm long for the wing
  • 1 piece 33mm long for the Tailplane

Requires the use of GliderThrow units 1 & 2 and the Wing Incidence Tool.

To measure the incidence on a V-tail requires the V-Tail adapter kit avalable   HERE

Five easy steps:

  • Setup your aircraft on the bench in a horizontal position.
  • Install the Wing Incidence Tool on the wing and stab and lock them in place by tightening the screws on each part.
  • Place both GliderThrow units 1 & 2 on a level surface and reset them.
  • Place each unit on the magnetic support of each beam (place GliderThrow units with hinge marking towards the leading edge).
  • View the incidence angle on GliderThrow's "Differential" screen.
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