Valenta Thermik XXXL CARBON

Valenta Thermik XXXL CARBON

Twister Carbon 4m

Twister Carbon 4m


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In stock Valenta Carbonita Electric  (40mm nose)  Glass/Kevlar construction colour White with Red/Blue markings and Blue under the wings and tailplane with LDS system for KST servos model number 399/20

The Carbonita model is suitable for thermal flying and for competitions in the F5J category (carbon fibre version). This model is not suitable for use with a winch. The model has excellent flight characteristics. In 2015, Vojtech Valenta Jr. placed first with this Carbonita model.
Included in the price of the model is an LDS system,

We produce the Carbonita model in two weight versions.

Fibreglass version (flight weight approx. 2.4 - 2.9 kg with load)

This version has a wider fuselage

Carbon fibre version (flight weight approx. 1.7 - 2.3 kg with load)

This version has a more competitive, slimmer and lighter fuselage For this version, with regard to weight, we recommend the appearance of transparent carbon fibre + fluo strips.

Fibreglass version:

This version has the fuselage made of fibreglass and Kevlar and is carbon-reinforced. This fuselage is slightly wider in front (For a 38-40 mm diameter cone) allowing for the use of “standard” RC accessories and larger batteries.

The wings are made of fibreglass cloth.

Carbon fibre version:

This version has a slender competition fuselage (For a 30-32 mm cone).
The body is made of carbon fibre.

The wing is made of a special carbon fibre called SPREAD TOW.

Because of its low weight and for better protection, we recommend using a transparent carbon pattern with strips in fluo colours (red, pink, orange, green, yellow).

CAUTION! Do not leave the model in direct sunlight. It must always be kept in the shade and preferably in a protective package made of silver reflective foil that we have available and can be purchased from us.

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