Jeti RC Power Switch 5A

Jeti RC Power Switch 5A

Jeti EnLink 2RS Plus

Jeti EnLink 2RS Plus

Jeti RC Switch

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This RCSW is not for Voltage/Current pass through, it's for connectiing to Central box's or voltage/current devices as below, if you require an RC switch for connecting your Battery to the Receiver (replacement for a sliding switch) there are two available a  5 amp version HERE and a 10 amp version HERE

RCSW - RC Switch is a wireless switch designed especially for JETI model products (BEC stabilisers, Central Box and other accessories) that increase the comfort of model control. RC Switch can be easily controlled using DC/DS transmitters and it can be simply used as a replacement of the magnetic key.

Compatible devices: SBEC 40, DPS 40, SPS 20, DSM 10, Central Box 200, Central Box 400, Main Switch etc.

Switching is indicated by a red LED that is visible through the opening on the side of the RC Switch.

Setting the polarity of the switch is specific for each JETI model product, in the photos above there is a list of several supported devices and their RC Switch settings for DC and DS transmitters.

There is an update for the RCSW you can download it HERE which improves the sensitiviy when switching on and off

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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