Jeti Mezon PRO 85A OPTO

Jeti Mezon PRO 85A OPTO

Jeti Mezon PRO 70A BEC LMR

Jeti Mezon PRO 70A BEC LMR

Jeti Mezon PRO 40A BEC LMR

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MEZON PRO regulators are very powerful controllers for a wide variety of applications. They come with strong BEC or optocoupler, full Jeti Duplex EX telemetry and programmability of JETI Duplex DS / DC transmitters via the device manager. All programming steps are in German/English. Even forward / reverse operation of the motor is possible with this controller. In addition, the throttle channel can optionally be used from the "EX bus" of the receiver. A separate output pin at the Rx for a throttle channel is therefore not necessary, telemetry and control signals are transferred to the receiver via only one cable.

Product description and features - Compact size

- Setting via the device overview of the JETI DC / DS transmitter

- Real-time Telemetry JETI Duplex EX Bus (perfect for JETI DC / DS transmitters)

- Telemetry data: Battery + BEC voltage, battery + BEC current, used battery capacity, RPM, PWM, controller temp

- Telemetry data reset by switch from the transmitter

- Powerful BEC, ideal when using JETI Assist or other gyro systems in a model

- BEC with a wide input voltage range and adjustable output voltage

- Activation of the gas channel from the EX bus is possible; the receiver then does not have to offer its own slot for the gas channel.

- Programmable with JETI Box 

- Operating modes: Model aircraft, forward / reverse operation

- Proportional brake with a definable braking point at the throttle stick

- F3A brake conveniently adjustable via the device overview

- Heat sink for long engine run times 

- High efficiency 

- Firmware upgrade possible 

- Wide range of adjustable parameters 

Specification of controllers
Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 83 mm
Weight: 75 g
telemetry: Yes
Voltage: 6 - 51 V
Sustained current: 40 A
BEC voltage: 5 - 8.4V A
BEC current: 15 A
LMR (Limited Motor Run) -the controller is especially designed for glider models. The continuous motor run is limited to a few seconds.

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