Jeti Mezon 120

Jeti Mezon 120

Jeti Mezon 95 OPTO Lite

Jeti Mezon 95 OPTO Lite

Jeti Mezon 95 OPTO

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Jeti mezon 95 OPTO

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The MEZON line of controllers is based on the successful line of SPIN pro controllers. The controller offers progressive control combined with high efficiency that optimizes your brushless motor’s operation. The compact design which incorporates a rugged body with integrated cooling fins helps to ensure effective heat dissipation for cooler operation.

Jeti MEZON ESC´s advanced design and software are capable of unique precise and efficient motor control. Our MEZON ESC´s are able to be fully integrated with the DUPLEX EX systems. With the DUPLEX integration, all data are measured in real time. Mezon ESC´s were designed to be able to measure the exact battery capacity used and let you set up a motor cut off point based not only on cell voltage, but also on overall battery pack capacity.

The MEZON controllers are equipped with overload protection for both current and temperature. The MEZON controllers are all equipped with the EX- Telemetry System to ensure maximum supervision and diagnostics for your model. This system, in cooperation with the DUPLEX system, gives the modeler much greater confidence and “peace-of-mind” . Now you can easily monitor battery capacity consumption, real-time battery current consumption, controller temperature and other measurement data.

The OPTO line of MEZON brushless ESCs features an optically separated receiver input which is insulated from the power management circuitry. This guarantees an interference-free operation. The OPTO line of brushless ESCs does not contain any BEC circuit. Additional power from the receiver battery or separate voltage regulator, such as the MAX BEC, must be provided.

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Weight [g] 120

Dimensions [mm] 36 x 24 x 109

Sustained current [A] 95

Telemetry Yes

Operational temperature [°C] -10 to 130

Supply Voltage [V] 6 to 51 Batteries LiXX 2 to 12

OPTO (optically separated radio signal from the power management) Yes