Jeti Duplex REX10A ASSIST Receiver

Jeti Duplex REX10A ASSIST Receiver

Jeti Duplex REX7A ASSIST Receiver

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You can now Purchase the Assist receivers with the Vario enabled, we have to get the Vario update Bin file from Jeti Model direct, which may add to our normal delivery time.

PDF instruction manual HERE

The BIN Files and LUA files for the Transmitter are handled by JETI Studio

Assist receiver connections PDF  for Multi receivers or Central Box HERE

- integrated telemetry: MEMS sensors (9-axis gyro - magneto - Accelerometer)
- integrated ASSIST stabilization system  
- for model airplanes and multi copter
- integrated to connect Expander up to 3 sensors 
- Protocol support: PPM, EXBUS, EX,..
- programmable output pins 
- supports commands
- compact dimensions 
- 32 bit processor
- with a full range
- programmed via  Duplex DC/DS transmitters or with Jeti Studio via PC

Number of output channels: up to 7
Number of EXT inputs: 1
Dimensions [mm]: 42x28x11
Weight [g]: 13

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