Jeti Duplex Radio System DC-16 11 Carbonline Multimode

Jeti Duplex Radio System DC-16 11 Carbonline Multimode RED

Jeti Duplex Radio System DC-24 CARBON LINE Dark Red Multimode

Jeti Duplex Radio System DC-24 CARBON LINE Dark Red Multimode

Jeti Duplex Radio System DC-24 CARBON LINE Dark Orange Multimode

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Please note this Radio combo comes with a Harness but you will need to order either a set of brackets or a Tray system as the radio is supplied without either of theses items

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 2.4Ghz/900Mhz Dual Band Radio System

Download the PDF English mauual HERE

This is the tray version Jeti Duplex quality radio. The DC-24 is a 24-channel powerhouse with many new features that makes it very attractive. It has a solid CNC alloy case with five sets of antennas, aluminium gimbals with hall sensors and stick vibrators. This advanced radio will come with a 320x240 backlit colour display, which is visible in most lighting conditions, even strong sunlight. One of the really unique features is the dual band radio technology that uses 2.4Ghz (Two transmitter units) as well as a third back up fail-safe on 900Mhz for a seriously robust and solid link. Of course you get access to Jeti's full line of sensor technology to track up to 40 data parameters in real time and to use for alarms, triggers, and logical events.

Contents included with the JETI UK package

1 x JETI DC - 24 Transmitter Dark Orange

1 x JETI DC Transmitter case

1 x Jeti REX10 Receiver 

1 x Duplex RSAT 900 Receiver

1 x set Shoulder cross strap Harness

1 x Wall Charger 240 UK spec

1 x PC Lead

1 x set Allen Keys

1 x cleaning cloth

1 x Transmitter Mat

1 x UK Manual (PDF version included on SD Micro card or download below)

Transmitter DC-24 multimode (Supplied Mode 2 but can be changed to any mode)



- 24 full control channels
- 3 RF Modules (2x 2.4 GHz + 1x 900Mhz)
- Dual Haptic feedback – stick vibration
- Colour display
- 4 types of models (Aircraft / Helicopter / Multi rotor / Boat-Truck - other)
- FM Radio
- MP3 Player
- Microphone

  Transmitter hardware: 

- NEW: Multimode Sticks
- Hall sensors (without potentiometer) 
- Rotatable control stick units
- Colour display, backlighted 
- Fully assignable and RE- locatable switches
- All-aluminium control stick units, adjustable in length, with ball bearings 
- Internal memory 
- 5 Integrated antennas for advanced redundancy
- Integrated Li-Ion battery for long operating time 
- Charger
- Aluminium carrying case 
- Speaker
- Headphone jack 
- digital trims 

Transmitter software (to be confirmed): 

- Dual Band 2.4 GHz /900=MHz
- 24 control channels 
- customizable menu 
- almost unlimited adjustment possibilities 
- virtually unlimited model memory number 
- Firmware update via USB
- Ultra fast control reactions 
- Power Management system for longer operating time 
- PC Interface 
- 4 adjustable model types (Aircraft / Helicopter / Multi Rotor / Other) 
- 4 languages ​​(EN / DE / CZ / FR)  

Telemetry functions: 
- Speech of telemetry alarms and telemetry values
- Display of telemetry data in real time on the transmitter display 
- recording of telemetry data 
- PC-transmission, storage and processing of telemetry values  
- Save (Backup) the model data and transmitter settings on the PC


Dimensions [mm] 180x270x60

Weight [g] ~ 1500

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