Jeti Duplex Radio System DC-24 Multimode

Jeti Duplex Radio System DC-24 Multimode

Jeti Duplex Radio System DC-16 11 Carbonline Multimode

Jeti Duplex Radio System DC-16 11 Carbonline Multimode RED

Jeti Duplex Radio System DC-16 11 Carbonline Multimode Light Yellow

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Duplex 2.4EX tray transmitter DC-16 II Carbon Line multimode, in Light Yellow, with REX10 Receiver

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Set Contents

Transmitter DC-16 II Carbon Line multimode (Supplied mode 2, control mode easy to change), transmitter battery installed, charger for transmitter battery, Standard TX carrying case and receiver REX 10.


  • 24 full control channels
  • 3 HF modules  2 x 2.4Ghz, ( Plus 1x 900Mhz optional)
  • Colour display
  • 4 types of models (surface / helicopter / multicopter / functional model)
  • FM radio
  • MP3 player
  • Telemetry processes up to 64 sensor values
  • Voice input commands optional
  • 900Mhz NG  receiver system (Available as an upgrade)

The 900Mhz NG receiver can be operated especially with the DS12 DC/DS 16 11  It is an independent transmission system in 900Mhz frequency range. If this system is used, the model can continue to be controlled even if the 2.4 GHz band is disrupted. The 900Mhz backup system only becomes active when this occurs,  it is essentially serves to expand the safety in high-quality models. Of course, this backup system can be activated or deactivated separately for each model. It is always used together with the 2.4 GHz transmission system, not on its own.

Transmitter hardware

  • Multimode aluminium gimbals
  • Full Hall sensors
  • Control path resolution 4096 steps
  • Colour display, backlit
  • Gimbals rotate for comfort
  • Fully aluminium Gimbals, adjustable in length, with ball bearings
  • Internal storage
  • Integrated Lithion battery for long operating time
  • 240 Volt wall charger
  • Aluminium transport case
  • Speech
  • Headphone jack
  • Digital trims
  • Anodized aluminium housing

Transmitter software

  • 2.4 GHz DUPLEX EX
  • 24 control channels
  • Customizable menu navigation
  • Almost unlimited setting options
  • Unlimited number of model memories (Subject to SD card size)
  • Firmware update via USB
  • Ultra-fast control reactions
  • Power management system for longer operating times
  • PC interface
  • 4 adjustable model types (airplane / helicopter / functional model; multicopter)
  • 4 languages (EN / DE / CZ / FR)

Telemetry functions

  • Voice output of telemetry warnings and telemetry values
  • Display of telemetry data in real time on the transmitter display
  • Record telemetry data
  • PC transmission, storage and processing of telemetry values

Technical data

  • Dimensions [mm] 230 x 270 x 40
  • Weight [g]  1500
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