Glider throw v3 Sensors 7 & 8

Glider throw v3 Sensors 7 & 8

Glider throw Incidence Tool V-Tail

Glider throw Incidence Tool V-Tail

Glider throw v3 Sensors 3 & 4

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GliderThrow V3 sensors 3 & 4 Upgrade adds two sensors to the GliderThrow dual system V3,  to complete the set to be able to measure 4 moving parts at the same time.

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GliderThrow V3 Sensors 3 & 4 Upgrade by GliderCG is a convenient kit to combine with the GliderThrow Dual System to extend the measurement to four simultaneous moving parts, therefore ideal for gliders with multiple moving surfaces. The kit includes sensors 3 and 4 which automatically connect to the GliderThrow. Measurement of differential, camber and butterfly becomes immediate and extremely precise even on more complex gliders

Setup and use are really immediate, just connect the phone to the two sensor network, place the sensors on the mobile part with the magnetic fixing and start measuring. The measurement can be expressed in degrees or mm via a convenient setting that can be performed directly from the phone

  • Additional sensors to measure up to 4 moving parts
  • Ideal for gliders with multiple moving parts
  • Measuring system for angles with precision to the tenth of a degree
  • Wireless communication with telephone. tablet or computer (compatible with Android and iOS)
  • Setup and immediate use
  • Can be used for multiple measurements that are essential for correct model setup
  • Rechargeable battery via microUSB socket
  • Requires GliderThrow V3 Dual System
  • Assembled and calibrated with care and precision in Spain

Package contents

  • GliderThrow V3  sensors 3 and 4
  • Case
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 - Single Device dimensions Height x Width x Depth: 17x37x37mm.

 - Single unit Weight: 22g

- Single unit Weight with Magnetic Peg: 28g

 - Resolution: 0,1 degrees. 0,1 millimeters

 - Precision: Better than 0,3 degrees

 - Power: 150mAh Replaceable and Rechargable Lithium Battery (Approx. 2 hours of continous operation)

 - Charging : USB-C Cable

- Charging Time: About 1 Hour