Carbon Tray Jeti Duplex DC-14 / DC-16 / DC-24

Carbon Tray Jeti Duplex DC-14 / DC-16 / DC-24

Carbon Tray Jeti Duplex DS-14 / DS-16 / DS-24

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Carbon Tray Jeti Duplex DS-14 / DS-16 / DS-24

The CARBON TRAY for the Jeti DS-14, DS-16 and DS-24 handheld transmitters is a high-quality, very stable and lightweight CFRP transmitter console that transforms the DS-14, DS-16 or DS-24 into a convenient console transmitter. All controls remain accessible. The carbon console can be used with the DS-14/16 backplate without controls as well as with the DS-24 backplate with controls. The accessories include all necessary screws for assembly.

The CARBON TRAY is not mounted by clamping the transmitter, but is screwed to the base plate and the housing. For assembly, the rubber knobs on the underside and the feet must be unscrewed. The existing holes are used for fastening. This not only results in a seamless look, but the high-quality transmitter housing is protected all around. It lies on the bottom of plastic washers and never touches the tray. When fully assembled, the transmitter is finally on the rubber feet and on the front of the handle, which has proven itself in practice. Dismantling to the handheld transmitter is easy and without residue.
All DS handheld transmitters fit together with the carbon console in the original Jeti duplex transmitter case.

The carbon desk can only be used in conjunction with the original Jeti Duplex transmitter brackets available here.

We recommend the use of the Handle/Arm support available here

The screw construction makes it very easy to attach a tablet or smartphone holder. 

Weight with bracket: 310g


Fully assembled CARBON Tray made of CNC machined 2.5mm CFRP.
Hand-turned aluminium supports. Black anodized.
All accessories such as screws, washers and snap rings.

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